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Why use a civil engineer for a residential project?
There are many stakeholders in the construction industry. All of which requires a civil engineers certificate of compliance.
Town Council
The Building regulations of South Africa states that a competent person (i.e. Civil Engineer) must sign of on all permanent structures. Civil engineers practices are governed by gazetted standards. Town Councils require Appointment Certificates and Final certificates from engineers (Certificate of Compliance) before they issue an occupancy certificate. These COC’s state that the structure is built according to building regulations.
National Home Builder Registration Council (NHBRC)
The Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act of 1998 instated the NHBRC as the entity regulating the residential building industry. All new homes should be enrolled with the NHBRC for the protection of the Home Owner. The NHBRC requires a competent person to be appointed and to supervise* construction of the residence.

*the level of supervision and responsibility of works are determined during appointment phase.


Banks will only release a bond to a Home Owner if the Home Owner agrees to construct the new home in accordance with building regulations and NHBRC requirements. It is also wise to set payment milestones with the appointed contractor that correlates with the issue of engineering certificates.

What information should I send to an engineer?

Details of the following:

Stand/erf number and Area

The Latest plans of the structure

Pdf and DWG format (your architect will know what DWG format is)

Geotechnical information, this is depending on the project type. Geotechnical information can be  acquired from the estate or developer. It may be required to conduct further site surveys if no information is available. We can we can assist you with the acquisition of a geotechnical report.

Starting Dates and estimated construction time

Your builder is supposed to supply this information. This can also be determined in the design phase.


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